Monthly Recipe Pack Subscription
Monthly Recipe Pack Subscription
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Monthly Recipe Pack Subscription

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Are you having a hard time figuring out what to eat? 

     Putting together a healthy meal can be overwhelming at times! What is even more challenging is figuring out the portion sizes and macros for that meal. 

     This is where my monthly recipe pack subscription comes in! Each month you will receive 15 brand new healthy recipes to try! This includes: breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert/snack meals.

Here are some key features that will help you stay on track with your diet! 

Recipe Key

recipe key     
This will allow you to easily identify the recipe that will work best for you. Everyday you may have different cravings or time available to make a meal. This key helps you find the right meal at a glance!



Pre-filled and blank meal planner

     Being organized is one of the most important things when working towards your fitness goals. In this pack you will receive a sample meal plan that helps you organize the meals used in the current month's pack. You also get a blank copy that will allow you to make your own custom plan. You can use the meals from any recipe pack you have or any recipe that you prefer!

sample healthy meal plan
meal planning template

Tracking Made Easy!

     Being able to keep track of how much you're eating for each meal is essential when working on staying in shape. The monthly recipe pack includes a MyFitnessPal barcode for each recipe so you can easily track your nutrient intake. Servings and nutrition facts per serving are also included so you can easily organize your meal plan.

recipe example

 Stay organized at the grocery store!

     One of the best ways to hold yourself accountable and stay on track is to only buy the foods you need. Not the foods you're craving! This is why having a grocery list when you go shopping is so important. Write down the foods that you need not the foods you crave. The recipe packs all come with a shopping list that includes the ingredients for all of the recipes in the respective pack. I've also included a blank shopping list template so you can customize your own. Being organized at the grocery store is one of the first steps to hitting your goals!

filled shopping list
shopping list template


If this isn't enough, here are some words from one of the member's of my Facebook Community who has been using the recipe packs!

If you need more information on my monthly recipe pack subscription, feel free to email me at

*Make sure your checkout email is valid! Your first recipe pack will be emailed to you right after the checkout process is complete. You will receive a welcome email to the subscription plan and there is a download button in that email! All subsequent packs will be sent to you on the 1st of every month.


*You can cancel your subscription at anytime through your account. There is no minimum subscription period!