Frequently Asked Questions

This is a collection of common questions that I receive. If you have a question that is not included here, feel free to email me!


Q: Are there returns on digital products?

A: No, there are no returns on digital products. This is because you have access to the product after the payment goes through.


Q: What is your email?

A: or


Q: How long have you been a coach?

A: I have been coaching since 2016! Although I have been involved in fitness my entire life.


Q: What is the cost to train with you 1-on-1 online?

A: It varies depending on the services required. Feel free to send me an email or schedule a free 15 minute coaching call with me here:


Q: What certifications do you have?

A: I have more than a few! Here is a list of most of them!

  • Bsc.H Psychology 
  • CanFitPro - Personal Trainer Specialist
  • Precision Nutrition - Level 1
  • Agatsu Strength/Speed Specialist
  • SWIS Muscle Testing
  • ZONA Functional Anatomy Specialist
  • C.H.E.K. Scientific Core Conditioning
  • DTS Lean Body Coach
  • DTS Kettlebell Coach
  • DTS Hypertrophy Fundamentals
  • Various courses through the Brent Brookbush Institute