How to Eat More Over the Weekend and Still Lose Weight

Are you struggling to stay on top of your diet over the weekend so you can lose weight?

The weekend is often the hardest time to stay on top of your diet. Your schedule is more random and you're more likely to order-in or go out to dinner. 

Here's how you can eat more on the weekends while still losing weight!


Step 1 - Calculate your weekly calorie budget

For this all you need to do is multiply your weight loss calories by 7. If your weight loss calories were 2000/day, then you would need 14000 for the week!

Not sure how to calculate your weight loss calories? Watch the video below!


Step 2 - Assign more calories to the weekend

In this step we're going to be shifting more of your calories to the weekend, giving you some extra flexibility for when you need it!


Daily calories = 2000/day

Weekly calories = 14000/week

Let's add 500 calories to Friday and Saturday. That means we will now get 2500 calories on those two days. Next all we need to do is adjust the calories for Sunday to Thursday. This leaves us with the following schedule:

Sunday - 1800

Monday - 1800

Tuesday - 1800

Wednesday - 1800

Thursday - 1800

Friday - 2500

Saturday - 2500


To see exactly how this is done, watch the video below so you can do it yourself!


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