Do You Need a Protein Supplement?

If you want to build muscle or maintain your muscle mass while losing fat, you must have a sufficient protein intake to make these things possible. Before we determine if you need a protein supplement, let's take a step back and go over the purpose of a supplement.

The purpose of a supplement is right in its name, a supplement. They're meant to help fill in nutritional gaps in your diet. These gaps shouldn't be due to laziness or poor eating habits. If they are, then improving your eating habits and food choices would be more important. Nutritional gaps often arise from a busy work/life schedule or frequent traveling where you're unsure of the food options available.

So if you find yourself pressed for time or your work schedule gets in the way of sitting down to have a proper meal, having a protein supplement on hand would be very useful. On the other hand, if the gaps in your diet are from being unorganized and not making informed food choices, then learning how to organize meals and make healthy decisions would be more valuable.

Adding in a protein shake won't magically make you more muscular if your diet isn't in check. If you're struggling to hit your protein with a good diet then investing some money in a protein supplement would be a good idea. If you can get all your protein through food, save yourself the money.


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