Dealing With Shoulder Pain?

Exercise 1


This exercise helps to strengthen your deep cervical flexors, while strengthening your shoulder external rotators. If you have forwards head posture, this exercise is perfect for you. It will help activate the muscles to keep your head up and back.

How To Perform:

1. Stand slightly away from a wall

2. Tuck the chin and press your head back into the wall

3. Position the elbows at the front of the rib cage and keep them tucked into your sides (this helps to prevent the posterior deltoids from taking over in the movement)

4. Rotate outwards, keeping your elbows tucked in!

- Aim for 12-20 reps, perform nice and slow with a band with light-moderate tension. This exercise is very challenging if done properly!

Exercise 2


This exercise is meant for strengthening the serratus anterior. It is the first (easiest) variation I give to clients. Your serratus anterior helps to upwardly rotate/posterior tip the scapula. This means that if you have a winging scap or you have limited shoulders range of motion, this exercise will be great for you!

How To Perform:

  1. Lay on the floor with your knees bent

  2. Bring your shoulders back (press into floor) and down (pull armpits to pockets)

  3. Start with hands at your side and thumbs up

  4. Bring your thumbs as far as you can to the floor, keeping your shoulders pinned to the floor (don't let them shrug up!)

  5. Perform 12-20 reps, for 1-3 sets, keep the movement nice and slow!

Try adding these exercises before your exercise routine. Every shoulder issue is specific to the individual so these exercises won't be perfect for everyone. In general, these exercises will improve the function of your shoulders and reduce pain symptoms in some. If you work a desk job, these exercises will do wonders for you!

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