10 Fitness Myths to Avoid in 2021

There’s a lot of misinformation within the fitness industry. This makes it extremely difficult for beginners to figure out what they should be doing. They may read one article that says keto is the best diet and another that says it’s the worst. This can be confusing and will leave you questioning if what you’re doing is actually worth it. In this post I’m going to briefly cover 10 common fitness myths that aren’t true. If you want to hear my longer answers then check out my YouTube video.

1) “I just want to tone my muscles” - unfortunately we can’t shape what our muscles look like. Toning is just the process of building some muscle, then losing fat. This make your muscles more visible!

2) Lifting weights makes you bulky - we actually build muscle fairly slowly. The only way to get bulky is to be in a surplus of calories. If you’re focused on losing weight, you won’t turn into the hip over night, or even over the next 10 years.

3) You should be sore after a workout - soreness isn’t a good indicator of an effective workout. You should be able to function normally day to day. Being stiff/sore for 2 days is okay. But, if you’re sore for 3-5 days you could be overdoing it.

4) How do I lose my arm fat? Unfortunately we can’t target where we lose fat. Everyone is different here. If we could choose where we lost fat then everyone would have ripped abs!

5) Carbs make you fat - carbs are one of your body’s primary energy sources. Overeating in general will cause some weight gain, but it’s not the carbs.

6) Eating after 8pm is bad. The time of day you eat isn’t a big deal. Eat when you feel best! Most people end up snacking or overeating in the evening. It’s not the time of day that causes them to gain, it’s the extra food.

7) Sweating more means a good workout - getting your sweat always feels great. But, everyone sweats at different rates. Just because you worked up a sweat, doesn’t mean you had a great workout.

8) Sit-ups for abs - doing abs workouts won’t magically give you ripped abs. Seeing your abs is just a matter of losing fat.

9) Turning fat into muscle - these are two separate cells. If this was possible, everyone would be jacked!

10) The “x” diet is the best! The diet that’s the “best” is ultimately the one that’s easiest for you to follow. Don’t get fooled that a certain works wonders just because it worked for someone else!


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